Introduction and technical features

Self-propelled scissor lift make many difficult and dangerous tasks easier, such as indoor and outdoor cleaning (ceilings, curtain walls, glazing, eaves, awnings, chimneys, etc.), billboard installation and maintenance, street lights and traffic signs and maintenance, etc. This  lifting platform is characterized by its small size, flexibility and convenience. You can use it instead of scaffolding to reach the height you need and solve your problems. At the same time, you can save your expenses and valuable time.

Self-propelled scissor lift has the following features:

  1. Safety certification
    It meets the EU EN280 standard and has CE certificate.
  2. Self-propelled at heights
    Self-propelled scissor lift, which has the function of automatic walking, and it can travel quickly and slowly under different working conditions. One person can operate the machine continuously to complete lifting, advancing, retreating, steering, etc. while working at height. Compared with the traditional hydraulic platform, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the number of operators and labor intensity are reduced. It is especially suitable for a wide range of high-altitude continuous operations such as airport terminals, stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines.
  3. Variable frequency speed
    It only needs one person to operate, all the actions are controlled by the operating handle on the workbench, and the motor is continuously variable. Effectively extend the life of the battery and motor, the motor only consumes energy during operation.
  4.  Extended platform
    The platform can be moved out, expanding the scope of work to meet the special needs of some users.
  5. Green environmental protection
    The machine is powered by DC battery, this machine can be safely and quietly suitable for indoor or outdoor work.


  1. The pedal extension platform can spread to the working point quickly;
  2. The foldable fence reduces the size of the whole machine;
  3. It is very convenient to work in narrow and small spaces;
  4. 25% of the climbing ability, able to smoothly climb the slope;
  5. Rotary chassis is very easy for maintenance;
  6. The fault code is automatically displayed for easy maintenance;


High Performance & More Secure

One-time shaping by die forging

Own EU CE certification, US ABS certification, China Classification Society certification, etc.

200% load test


Model Platform size (m) Load (kg) Max.height (m) Overall dimension (m) platform extension M Self weight (kg)
GTJZ-05 1.67*0.74 230 5 1.86*0.76*2.08 0.9 1361
GTJZ-06 1.67*0.74 230 5.8 1.86*0.76*2.18 0.9 1435
GTJZ-6A 2.26*0.81 380 6 2.475*0.81*2.158 0.9 1850
GTJZ-6 2.26*1.13 550 6 2.475*1.15*2.158 0.9 2060
GTJZ-8A 2.26*0.81 230 8 2.475*0.81*2.286 0.9 1980
GTJZ-8 2.26*1.13 450 8 2.475*1.15*2.286 0.9 2190
GTJZ-10 2.26*1.13 320 10 2.475*1.15*2.414 0.9 2430
GTJZ-12 2.26*1.13 320 11.8 2.475*1.15*2.542 0.9 2960
GTJZ-14 2.64*1.13 227 13.8 2.84*1.39*2.59 0.9 3320


Main configuration list

Proportional control Automatic brake system Buzzer Extension platform
Automatic pothole protection system Emergency descent system horn Charging protection system
The platform locks itself emergency stop button work schedule
Full travel Tubingexplosion protection system Safety check support bar
Non-trace tires fault diagnosis system Standard transport forklift hole
4×2driven Tilt protection system Foldable the guardrail

Product material

Safetyguardrail Heightof 1.1m removable & folding 35 mm * 35 mm square tube
Platform 3mm Anti-skid tread plate floor
Strut Rectagular steel tube125mm*75mm*4.75mm material Q345 manganese steel
Axle pin Oilless bearing
Hydraulic cylinder 2pcs Hebei hengyu brand
Power storagebattery American TROJAN brand
Hydraulic oil 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil Great Wall brand
Electroniccontrol system CLP Group
Hydraulic drivensystem American WHITE
Motor pump Switzerland BUCHER
Recharger Dongguan Longsheng
Tyre Bonded solid Tyre grey color
Surfacetreatment Spraying plastics treatment

Parts Details

self propelled scissor lift6

Solid trackless tires

self propelled scissor lift3

Emergency stop button

self propelled scissor lift4

BUCHER elevating hydraulic pump station

self propelled scissor lift2

WHITE hydraulic motor drive

self propelled scissor lift5

TROJAN battery pack and charger

self propelled scissor lift1


self propelled scissor lift8

Manual release and manual pump

self propelled scissor lift7

Quick connection plug

self propelled scissor lift9 1

Platform extension and folding