Full electric scissor lift table, on the basis of the chassis of the mini-truck, combined with the lifting mechanism of the scissor type aerial working platform, a new product development. It has the characteristics of flexible movement, large load capacity and wide working range. According to different models, the maximum load of the platform varies from 500kg to 2000kg, which can meet the majority of parts and materials handling work. The maximum lifting height of the platform varies from 0.5m to 3m, which can meet the requirements of most working conditions. The scissor is welded by high strength rectangular pipe and fine drawing pipe, with high yield strength of material, good rigidity of structure, small overall shaking and good stability. Advanced hydraulic power unit, low noise, low vibration, stable and reliable lifting and descending. Colloidal maintenance-free battery with large battery capacity and long battery life. Adopt three fulcrum design, at the same time equipped with side support system, safe and reliable. The cylinder is equipped with a one-way throttle valve, which can control the descending speed of the platform to avoid falling too fast. The whole system adopts imported waterproof connectors, all wires and cables have reliable protection, greatly improving the reliability of the electrical system.


  • Fully electric, electric lifting, electric walking,walking can choose manual.
  • High quality power unit, strong power
  • With imported seals, the performance of the cylinder is stable and reliable
  • The whole vehicle is made of high quality steel, high quality powder spraying, beautiful and durable
  • Compact structure, simple appearance, flexible maintenance and convenient;
  • Reliable and stable performance;
  • The rise and fall process is uniform and smooth;
  • High quality PU wheel, durable

Parameters Table

Item EMT500S EMT1000S EMT1500 EMT2000
Capacity kg 500 1000 1500 2000
Max. height mm 1500 1500 1000 1000
Min. height mm 460 460 400 450
Table size mm 1000*600 1000*600 1200*800 1500*1000
Battery v/ah 24v/60ah 24v/60ah 24v/100ah 24v/100ah
Drive motor V/W 24/750 24/750 AC24/1500 AC24/1500
Voltage V 220v 220v 220v 220v
Dia. Of wheel mm Φ210 Φ210 Φ250 Φ250

Parts Details

1_Simple_control _interface

Simple control interface

2_Labor saving_steering_shaft

Labor-saving steering shaft


Power line and power indicator


Switch control interface


Powder spraying


Durable PU wheel


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