Mobile hydraulic scissor lift platform is a widely used special equipment for high altitude operations. The lifting adopts hydraulic cylinder to push the scissor mechanical structure, which makes lifting platform rise with stability. Wide work platform and high bearing capacity make the high-altitude operation more extensive and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. The lifting platform has good movability and convenient to transfer the site. Beautiful appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage.


Especially applied in the factory, workshop, warehouse, grain depots, stations, hotels, airports, docks, gas stations, stadiums, electric power, elevated pipelines, etc. It is also used for maintaining of lifting equipment and outdoors electric facilities as well as steel structure workshop. The mobile lifting platform can help you handle high altitude works better.


  • Three- phase current, battery, the internal combustion engine can be chosen as a source of power. It is also equipped with hand pressure pump for power failure.
  • Electrical box is fixed on the platform base, assembled with the emergency stop button. The platform will slow down when it press the button in an emergency occasion.
  • Walking-Assist wheel type: As for heavy lifting capacity and high working height scissor lift, it's not easy to move. The walking-assist wheel is added to make up for that defect. After the users press the botton on pedent, it can move around easily with the assistance of wheel.
  • The scissor made of strong manganese steel rectangular tube with high strength, stability and reliability advantages.
  • Equipped with emergency descending device when a power failure occurs.
  • Overload protection is provided to ensure the operation under a safe load bearing condition.
  • Lifting double limit, the platform is very stable when it rises to the highest point.
  • Polyurethane paint with good corrosion resistant. Different colors can be freely choose by customers.
  • Operate way:manual push or assisited walking system

Parameters Table

Model Lifting height capacity Platform size
(L*W) mm
SJY0.5-6 6m 500kg 2100*830 880kg
SJY0.5-7 6.8m 500kg 2100*830 970kg
SJY0.5-8 8m 500kg 2100*930 1050kg
SJY0.5-9 9m 500kg 2100*930 1165kg
SJY0.5-10 10m 500kg 2100*1230 1360kg
SJY0.5-11 11m 500kg 2100*1230 1400kg
SJY0.5-12 12m 500kg 2550*1530 2260kg
SJY0.5-14 14m 500kg 2812*1530 2486kg
SJY0.3-16 16m 300kg 2812*1600 3063kg
SJY0.3-18 18m 300kg 3070*1600 3900kg
SJY1.0-4 4m 1000kg 2100*1200 1250kg
SJY1.0-6 6m 1000kg 2100*1200 1400kg
SJY1.0-8 8m 1000kg 2100*1200 1585kg
SJY1.0-10 10m 1000kg 2100*1200 1700kg
SJY1.0-12 12m 1000kg 2550*1530 2560kg
SJY1.0-14 14m 1000kg 2812*1600 3230kg
SJY1.5-6 6m 1500kg 2100*1530 1780kg
SJY1.5-8 8m 1500kg 2100*1530 2070kg
SJY1.5-10 10m 1500kg 2100*1530 2250kg
SJY1.5-12 12m 1500kg 2550*1530 2900kg
SJY1.5-14 14m 1500kg 2816*1600 3400kg
SJY2.0-6 6m 2000kg 2100*1530 1780kg
SJY2.0-8 8m 2000kg 2100*1530 2070kg
SJY2.0-10 10m 2000kg 2100*1530 2250kg
SJY2.0-12 12m 2000kg 2550*1600 3200kg
SJY2.0-14 14m 2000kg 2816*1600 3900kg

Parts Details

Detachable guardrail:1m high removable easy to transport and use

Detachable Guardrail 1m high, removable, easy to transport and use.

movable scissor lift 1

Hydraulic tubing double steel mesh, rubber hosepipe.

movable scissor lift 2

Shaft Pin 45# steel Q+T treatment, automatic welding, firm structure and beautiful appearance

towable scissor lift 1

The pump station is equipped with emergency descending valve; Built-in overflow valve, overload protection function

towable scissor lift 2

Electrical Appliances Schneider or Chint Electric Control voltage 24V safe to use.

towable scissor lift 3

Standard with heavy pneumatic tires, optional with solid tires will be more durable

Folding leg beautiful appearance simple operation

Folding leg, beautiful appearance, simple operation

Optional auxiliary walking simple operation only need to gently push and pull to control scissor lift walking do not need external force to push

Optional auxiliary walking, simple operation only need to gently push and pull to control scissor lift walking, do not need external force to push

Optional battery drive more flexible outdoor can adapt to a variety of working environment

Optional battery drive, more flexible outdoor, can adapt to a variety of working environment


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