Semi-electric stacker is a new type of stacking machine that is easy to operate, environment friendly and efficient. The 12V battery lifting and lowering greatly improves work efficiency. And it is widely used in short-distance cargo handling such as factories, warehouses, and logistics centers. Semi-electric pallet stackers are more flexible, low noise in some narrow space, buildings and other places. performance.


    1. The frame is made of high-strength hot-rolled steel
    2. Exquisite structure design
    3. Hand pull brake module
    4. Lifting push rod, power display and easy operation
    5. Reinforced double chain, explosion-proof oil pipe, safe and reliable


    Rated load  (Q)kg100015002000
    Load center  (C)mm400400400
    Lifting height  (H)mm1600~35001600~35001600/2000
    Total height  (H3)mm909090
    Fork length  (L)mm1000(1150mm Optional)1000(1150mm Optional)1000(1150mm Optional)
    Fork sizemm150×60150×60150×60
    Outer width of fork(E)320~850 Adjustable320~850 Adjustable320~850 Adjustable
    Turning radius (R)135014501450
    Power  v/kw12v/1.6kw12v/1.6kw12v/1.6kw
    Battery  v/ah12v/120Ah12v/120Ah12v/120Ah
    Charger  v/a12v15a12v15a12v15a
    Total length (A)166016601660
    Total width (B)865930865

    PARTS show

    Brake system

    Brake system

    Modular design is easy to maintain

    Modular design is easy to maintain

    No gap roller

    No gap roller

    Safety net

    Safety partition

    Strengthened fork adjustable width

    Strengthened fork, adjustable width

    Wear resisting nylon wheel

    Wear-resisting nylon wheel