Product: Self propelled scissor lift
Model: GTJZ12
Lifting height: 12m
Capacity: 320kg

Product: Single Mast Aluminum Alloy Lift
Lifting height:8m
Capacity: 130kg

This customer previously inquired about our aluminum alloy lifting platform. Because it was the first time to cooperate, the customer demanded the quantity of five units, I applied the best price to the customer. The customer is very satisfied with our price. The customer also wanted to try our self-propelled model, so I promoted our best-selling model GTJZ12 to him, because the customer's requirements for quality are relatively high, the customer finally chose the high level.

At the same time, the customer also asked us for a list of spare parts for our products, I introduced the wearing parts for the customer's needs, and the customer chose some of them to purchase, so that if there is any damage to the wearing parts, the customer can directly use the stock. This saves transportation costs and time, which is also a very good choice.

Self propelled scissor lift

Single Mast Aluminum Alloy Lift





Tags: scissor lift
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