Among the high-altitude lifting platforms, the electric lifting platform is popular among the public. The main driving energy of the electric lifting platform is the power provided by the battery, so once the battery fails, it will not operate normally. For this reason, some related high-altitude lifting platform batteries have been sorted out. The cause and solution of the failure:

  Common failure one: the battery discharges itself during existence

 There are two reasons for self-discharge. One is that the electrolyte is not pure, and the other is that the concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte is uneven, and the concentration difference between the upper and lower strokes causes self-discharge.
  Solution: This is to completely discharge the battery, clean the battery with distilled water, and then inject new electrolyte, and recharge it to recover.

Common failure two: battery plate vulcanization
   Long-term under-charge of the battery, frequent over-discharge, low electrolyte level, contact with air on the upper part of the plate, excessive electrolyte density, impure products, and large temperature changes can all easily lead to plate vulcanization. Solution: If the vulcanization is mild, you can directly use the "desulfurization method" to charge, and then clean the lead sulfate on the battery plate, and rinse it with distilled water, and charge it after the surface water is dry.

Common failure three: short circuit of battery plate
The main reason is that the electrode plates of the battery are deformed or damaged because the positive and negative plates are in reverse contact. If the falling objects accumulated at the bottom of the battery tank cause the positive and negative plates to be short-circuited, carefully check the cause and then repair the deformed plates to clean up the accumulation. 

   The above are the reasons and solutions for the battery failure of the electric lifting platform. The electric lifting platform is not only convenient to move, but also meets the current environmental protection requirements.

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