Notes on the use of working platforms.

1, the use of the unit should arrange for a person to operate the lift, on their own unit situation to develop the details of the use of the lift notes, and hanging in a conspicuous position. The driver should be trained and assessed by the statutory management department and obtain an induction certificate before engaging in the operation of the platform.

2, the driver in the daily work before the first carefully check the platform electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system is normal, and the platform up and down unloaded trial several times, check for faults and abnormalities, but also pay attention to the platform platform platform stop layer station accuracy there is no abnormal gap.

3, the driver will work before the guardrail at both ends of the activity door closed and locked after ringing the bell to start, is strictly prohibited in the guardrail activity door open situation work. In the platform driving in case of emergency stop switch can be used to stop the platform, but in normal operation, it is prohibited to use the emergency stop switch to stop.

4, lifting platform line failure or loss of normal work, should notify the maintenance staff to repair, such as found to be dangerous or may cause personal mechanical accidents, should immediately stop using, cut off the total power supply in the machine room, report to the management, to be restored and a detailed inspection before use

5, the driver in the lifting platform work is strictly prohibited to leave the post and the platform for wiping, lubrication or repair work. When the work is completed, the driver should cut off the power supply, lock the control panel before leaving the post, and fill in the handover records.

6, the driver should be responsible for supervising the platform transportation of goods on the platform as evenly distributed as possible to prevent bias load, truck-mounted lifting platform manufacturers and prohibit the load more than transport. The lift is not allowed to carry people and transport flammable and explosive dangerous goods and prohibit people from climbing and artificially shaking when it is raised.

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