The lifting platform is widely used in workshop production, wharf transportation and other places, usually installed in the pit, which is the basis for ensuring the safe use of the hydraulic lifting platform. So, how to fix the lifting platform in the pit?

1 Make the pit and the embedded parts flush with the pit ground according to the requirements of the drawings. The pit map manufacturer will design different drawings for customers according to the different designs of each product.

2 Adjust the upper stroke: raise the platform to the specified position, confirm that it is intact, and install the limit switch.

3 Weld the guide wheels on both sides of the platform (inside the four corners). Then place the guide rail (channel steel) perpendicular to the position of the guide wheel on both sides of the platform, and place the guide wheel (according to the method on the photo of the guide wheel) in the guide rail, so that the guide wheel can slide freely in the guide rail.

4 Connect the power supply, start the equipment, and check whether the guide rail and the host are in good condition.

5 Find a professional electrician to install the control box, arrange the wiring, and connect the wiring according to the manufacturer's instructions.

6 Use expansion screws to fix the iron plate (the size of the iron plate can release the guide rail) at the bottom position where the guide rail is placed, and then weld the guide rail to the iron plate, and at the same time connect the top to make it firmly fixed up and down. Place the freight elevator platform in the pit, adjust the platform to the level of the platform and the ground, and weld the bottom of the platform and the embedded parts firmly.

7 Test machine: During the lifting process of the elevator, the guide wheel must slide smoothly in the guide rail to make the platform go up and down smoothly.

8 Acceptance: After the test machine is completed, clean up the site and remove other sundries in preparation for use.
With the development of science and technology, the performance of the lifting platform is gradually increasing. The newly purchased hydraulic lifting platform must be installed well.

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