With the development of industry, elevator equipment has also been widely used by users. In the daily life of using elevators, it is inevitable that elevators will fail. The following is a detailed explanation of the causes and troubleshooting methods of the failures in the use of the elevator:

Reasons and troubleshooting methods for the table top to slide after the lift rises:

 First, the normally closed valve or the one-way valve of the hydraulic pump station is too dirty, causing the table to slide down. Under the guidance of technicians, you can remove the normally closed valve or the one-way valve by yourself, and use the cleaning agent for cleaning. If the problem is not resolved, replace with a new one-way valve or normally closed valve.

   Second, there will be a power outage during use, and the equipment will be dropped to the ground through the emergency bolts on the equipment. After the call, because the emergency bolts were not tightened at that time, the equipment was lifted and the background surface fell. Check whether the emergency bolt is tightened, and find that it is not tightened, tighten the emergency bolt to eliminate the fault.

   Third, oil leakage from the oil pipes or cylinders of the elevator will cause the equipment to be lifted back down. Contact the manufacturer to replace the oil pipe and the sealing ring in the cylinder.

   Reasons and troubleshooting methods for the speed of the elevator being too fast or too slow during the descending process:

The inaccurate adjustment of the descending speed control valve on the new hydraulic pump station caused the descending speed to be too fast or too slow. Adjust the descending speed control valve according to your own use conditions to meet the needs of your own production operations.

   If the elevator has any of the above failures, the manufacturer should be notified, and the manufacturer's professional staff should guide or go to the site for maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to operate in violation of regulations.

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