DFTZ-Towable Boom Lift

  • Model: DFTZ-16
  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Lifting height:16m
  • Working height:18m
  • Platform size: 1200*800mm
  • Overall dimensions:7000*1730*2200mm
  • Total weight: 2600kg
  • AC+DCx4 batteries

Aluminium Scaffold

  • Capacity:300kg
  • Working height:12m
  • Lifting height:10.23m
  • Table size:2000*1350mm
  • Wall thickness: 2.2mm
  • Pipe diameter: 5.08mm

I received an inquiry from a customer on Facebook. In the beginning, the quotation was for a towable scissor lift. Because the use environment is outdoors, it was changed to the quotation for a towable boom lift. Very satisfied with our products and services, and added six sets of aluminum alloy scaffolding.

During the period, the issue of PC certificate was involved, because the price of this certificate in China is relatively expensive, and finally decided to do it locally in Nigeria.

The customer's efficiency is very high, and the confirmation of the whole project only took two weeks. Our communication is very pleasant, and the customer is also looking forward to the next cooperation.

Towable Boom Lift

Towable Boom Lift2

Towable Boom Lift3

Aluminium Scaffold

Aluminium Scaffold2

Tags: boom lift,scissor lift
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