On the afternoon of March 9, Director Xing of the Science and Technology Talents and Popular Science Division of the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province came to Dafang to investigate and guide the work. The deputy director of the Management Committee of Changyuan Industrial Cluster District, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Science, Industry and Information Technology, and the chairman of Dafang Crane Group accompanied the investigation.

During the investigation, Director Xing and his party came to Dafang Party Building Exhibition Hall, Technology Experience Center, Self-propelled Lifting Platform, Smart Workshop, Aluminum Alloy Lifting Platform, and Handling Equipment Workshop to learn more about Dafang's high-quality development.


Chairman Ma reported the development of Dafang in recent years to Director Xing and his party.

Chairman Ma said that in recent years, all Dafang people have been "quiet and pragmatic", orders, income, profits and taxes have hit record highs again, and achieved double-digit growth for three consecutive years, and their popularity, reputation and brand influence have continued to rise , the industry's top three position is stable.

The Group Party Committee was established to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise; the industrial chain was improved, and group operations were launched; breakthroughs were made in the new big and special performance, and new business leaps were achieved; the management continued to deepen and a unique model was formed; the Dafang School of Management was completed, and continued to build Excellent team.

After listening to the report, Director Xing affirmed Dafang's development and achievements in recent years, and inquired about Dafang's production and operation situation and the difficulties encountered in the development of the enterprise in detail, and encouraged Dafang to continue to lead the way, be a pacesetter, and set an example. , accelerate the release of production capacity, exert its own strength, form an industrial layout of coordinated development and the whole industry chain, and play a greater role in promoting the great economic development of Henan.


Persevere and work hard, do not slack; gather momentum and empowerment, keep upright and create new ones. In the future, Dafang Group will consolidate its foundation from four aspects of "stabilizing its advantages, improving services, fine-tuning management, and maintaining integrity and bringing forth new ideas", so as to strengthen incentives, increase vitality, increase motivation and strengthen its strength. Make extraordinary efforts, use persistent efforts to stabilize the rudder, exert all your strength, seize opportunities, innovate and develop, be an industry model of pioneering, innovative and law-abiding operations, continue to take responsibility, create value, repay the society, and share success, in order to drive China's regional economic high-quality development has made new and greater contributions.

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