• Date: 2020.6.21
  • Region: Chile
  • Quantity: 2set
  • Specifications:2.475*1.15*2.158m
  • Capacity: 380kg
  • Lifting height: 6m

I received the customer's order in May, and then I quoted.
The customer likes our machine very much, and just started to order two containers. Because of the epidemic, a container was ordered.
The warehouse is in stock, the customer pays the full amount directly, and our warehouse immediately delivers the goods. After two months of sailing in the Pacific Ocean, the customer received the goods.
The customer put it into use immediately, and is very satisfied, and will cooperate next time as soon as possible

I am honored to meet this customer and reach a cooperation. We have also been recruiting agents around the world. If you need an inquiry or other help, I will be happy to help you.

 6m Mini self propelled scissor lift 1 6m Mini self propelled scissor lift2 1 6m Mini self propelled scissor lift3 1 6m Mini self propelled scissor lift4 1 6m Mini self propelled scissor lift5 1


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