• Date: 2020.6.20
  • Region: Chile
  • Quantity: 2set
  • Specifications:
  • Capacity: 320kg
  • Lifting height: 10m

From accepting inquiries from customers, to quotations, and then to intentional purchases. There is only one week in the middle, 2020.5.11-2020.5.20
The customer has not determined the type of purchase. In accordance with the principle of trust, the first payment has been paid.
The principle of cooperation is trust, which makes me more relieved.
It took another two weeks to confirm the purchase of a 20 cabinet + lifting platform.
Communication, from product use to maintenance

Although we are the first cooperation. We felt the trust of each other.
The order has been shipped on 2020.6.20.
Customers also said they would buy again. During the epidemic, this rare trust made us feel warm





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